Late Fall Colored Placemats

To my mind, Fall has two sets of colors – early Fall when everything is bright and sparkly and late Fall, when the colors are weather-worn and dull. I know many people don’t enjoy late Fall or Winter, but I do! It’s so nice to be indoors and making. (The current trendy name for creating, or crafting, which I do dislike.)

I said I was not weaving rag items for a while, but I have various guests coming who will enjoy a weaving demo and one in particular who is staying long enough and might enjoy weaving a runner or some placemats for herself. I have changed things up a bit though – I’m making some finer ones. I enjoyed the 8/2 cotton that I used for the dish cloths, so I sent for these yummy Late Fall colors from Halcyon Yarn. The color is off a bit – the tube that looks grey is actually a paper bag sort of brown.

Late Fall placemtas

With a finer warp, I need to use finer strips of fabric, so I have been cutting them 3/4″ wide. Here is placemat #1 woven and hemstitched.

Late Fall placemat

I am writing this on a cool, cloudy morning, hoping for some more rain. When I came upstairs, I pulled this cat bed out of the closet and I see Jasmine has already claimed it. I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are!

Jasmine's basket

4 thoughts on “Late Fall Colored Placemats

    • Good to hear from you Kim! Do you still have your blog? I couldn’t rememebr the new name when I was looking the other day. I bet you would like that bed where you live. Such long, cold winters you have!


  1. I, for one, like those colors a lot! I have never done any weaving with rags, although we got a huge bin of fabric strips when we bought one of our second-hand looms. I really want to try to do this–you’re inspiring me! Jasmine look so happy. I just bought my cats a new kitty condo and they won’t go near it . . . .


    • Using rags can be a quick way to weave and playing with the fabrics is fun. You might liek to do rag rugs too. I bet they would look lovely in your home.
      Our first cat tower was for the IL house. We had a basement with rather large, ground level windows. The cats couldn’t get up there (they are not good jumpers) so I got a tower. They loved it, Jasmine in particular. She has a very good sense of direction and when the chipminks would dash by the basement windows, she would run upstairs to follow them. Now usually it’s Gizmo who uses the tower. He likes ot be Master of His Domain. ;-D


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