Next Steps on Rock Around the Block – Jack’s Chain Quilt

Now that December has come and gone, I am trying to spend more time in the studio – and it’s back to the Jack’s Chain quilt. Knowing that I did not have enough of the background blue hand dyed fabric, I had to fiddle around with a final layout for the top. I finally decided that a center 3 square by 5 square strip, with a strip on either side using the new fabric would work for me.  I shopped around a few quilt stores and found a darker, but similar hand dyed blue.The center strip of the quilt top is completed and I am working on the rows with the new fabric. This pattern is not as circular as the original, more difficult pattern; it is more wavy.

Working on strips

A new addition is little hexies that I have hand appliqued in the middle of every other block. {Looking at the photograph, I am now wondering if I should make one for every middle, but will wait until I have finished with all the blocks…}

Hexie middles

It has been hard to find time to work on it, but I am back to making one square a day.

8 thoughts on “Next Steps on Rock Around the Block – Jack’s Chain Quilt

  1. It is beautiful. I am “tentatively considering” learning how to quilt. But I am a little scared of developing yet another fabric addiction.


    • Hi Kim! Fabric addiction – it’s in my DNA! I like to tell people that I buy fabric and cut it into bits and then sew or hook it back together again.It certainly is a crazy thing to do. But a quilt on your bed will look so wonderful with a rug or two on the floor…


    • Yes, well, you are doing The Big Girl Version! The Y seams must be tedious. I like mine but it will never be as amazing as yours will. I try for a square a day (seems easy, but you know that it takes time to do all the nine patches!); perhaps you could shoot for a square a week? Be sure to let me know when you finish so I can celebrate with you!

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  2. I love the bright colors against the dark background and the way it all moves and glows. I like the hexies just as you have them, rather than in the middle of every block–not that you asked our opinions but I can’t help giving it! 🙂


    • You are always welcome to give your opinion Kerry, and I should have asked! When I finish this center section I need to put it back on the bed and look at it. A quilt sure looks different on a bed than on a design board. And the room where it will probably live is quite dark – kinda like an Amish quilt in a house with gas lights!


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