Finally A Finished Quilt Top!

@#%*?&#! And whew! Piecing the Jack’s Chain quilt took way longer than I planned. I certainly let other projects get in the way of finishing this top, but happily it is mostly done.

One thing slowing me down, was that the thread on my sewing machine began breaking again. I threaded and re-threaded and re-threaded the machine. I wound a new bobbin, or two! I tried different threads. I changed the needles several times. And finally, I went out and bought Dual Duty thread!!!!!! I am a bit of a purist and I like to sew with cotton thread on cotton fabrics, but I have run out of patience. The threads are breaking in between the chain sewing I am doing. I would say it was the quality of the thread, but as I said, I did try several brands. The bottom thread still seems to be breaking between the chaining, but the Dual Duty on the top is holding. Any ideas on why that might be happening?

I have declared that the top is done. I cannot make myself sew one more nine patch square at this point, so the nice pattern will only be on the center on the bed. (I cropped the picture above so that it looks like the pattern covers the whole bed.) I have had it on and off of the guest room bed the last few days and it just looks stupid – like a project half done. So instead of a bed quilt, I will finish it as a lap quilt. Now I just need to decide on borders.

And here is a close-up of some of the squares. The nine patches are mostly bright hand dyed fabrics, though I did add some of my batik stash. I’m relieved to have made the decision to down-size it and it certainly will be easier and faster to quilt. I will add it to the big stack of tops to be quilted!


17 thoughts on “Finally A Finished Quilt Top!

  1. My guess is that the bobbin is gaining momentum when you sew and keeps going when you stop which then snaps the thread. First try flipping the bobbin over so thread comes off in a different direction. If that doesn’t help try putting just a drop of oil inside the bobbin case before you put the bobbin inside. Just a tiny bit, not enough to get oil on the bobbin thread. This should create a drag on the bobbin to stop it from spinning out of control. Or order some bobbin genies which do the same thing. I hope this helps.

    I really like that quilt. I think it looks good on the bed. Have you thought about using thread to create more nine patches on the border instead of piecing them? Or maybe a simple checkerboard design in colors?


    • Thank you for all your helpful comments Anita!
      I think I had some of those bobbin genies. I used them in my horrid Bernina machine and the store where I bought it had a fit that I was using them. I will see if I still have them. Yes….I’m still debating about the quilt and since it will be some time before I quilt it, I have plenty of time to think. It does “look” like a bed quilt. I did think about scattering random squares around the border and then if I quilted some, it might not look too bad. I have so much trouble when it comes to too much repetition!
      I keep losing your quilt blog and I just book-marked it so I can catch up on what you are doing.
      Thanks again!


      • Yeah, I have trouble with too much repetition too. That makes it hard sometimes to quilt repeating designs on customer quilts. I took a few months off to move to a better neighborhood so there wasn’t much quilting work done.


    • Thank you. Repetition is not my strong suit and it was so arrgravating when I was in the groove of piecing to have the thread break and break. I will put the quilt in the to be quilted stack and by the time I get to it ;-D I will have fresh eyes!Thanks for commenting nad I will check out your blog.


  2. Oh, it looks so great! And I totally understand reaching that point where you decide it’s big enough and you’re done! I definitely felt that way about the yoyo quilt I made. And what is it about cats?? They always want to sit on a newly-finished (or in process) quilt!


    • Jasmine was in a mood yesterday, racing around the house and shadowing me. When I spread the quilt on the bed she was right up there, rolling around and cleaning herself. Peter’s theory is that whatever I work on smells so much like me that that the cats are drawn to it. I remember my sister’s cat many years ago, rolling herself up in a rug I’d woven and biting it as well. I’m sure it smelled bad to her – unfamiliar cats and people. How are you brood doing?


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