Apple Core Kitchen!

We are in the midst of a kitchen re-do! So far it’s been 10 days of figuring out what to make for dinner using an electric fry pan, a rice cooker and a barbecue. This is a dream come true for me, so I’m really not complaining.

Though most people in the neighborhood thought it was a perfectly good kitchen, here is a before shot for you to judge. You can see the {classic} cherry cabinets, the {ugly} off white Corian counter and the {silly} brown glass tiles. I wasn’t a big fan of the black cupboard either.

I prefer the “Demolition Day” photo. No tile, no beige counter and the middle panels of the black cabinet have been cut out and frosted glass will be installed.

When we started the process, we needed to choose what surfaces we wanted; granite, tile, quartz. The man at the kitchen place ushered us into the room with all the countertop samples where we looked at a bewildering number of pieces. And then he had us pick some tiles that coordinated. We went home that day with samples of a very dark granite and some lovely, sparkly, expensive glass tiles. Though it was a striking combination, it didn’t seem right for our rather traditional house with the lovely cherry cabinets. After a few frustrating days of driving to the kitchen place and home, I had an epiphany – after watching all the renovation shows on TV and planning so many quilts, I realized that the important part was the tile backsplash. That is the pow that you see coming into a kitchen. After I explained my thinking to Peter, he very cleverly commented that for me, the backsplash tile was “the quilt” and the countertops were “the borders”. The kitchen man thought we were speaking in tongues, but after that, the search was easier.

Though I think the cherry cabinets are beautiful, trying to choose colors that complimented them and weren’t too beige was a trick. Bringing the samples home to look at them in the bright light of the morning sun and the dark afternoons was essential. It still took me some time; the tile showrooms are sensory overload even for someone who loves patterns as I do.  One tile pattern I loved and brought home looked like it was designed from one of the floors in the Vatican and cost $36 per 8″ sheet! And a granite piece I liked in the 4″ sample size, turned out to have a hideous overall pattern when I checked it out online. Yesterday the countertops were installed and – whew – am I relieved that we like them…

You must be wondering about the title of this post and here it comes – – – take a look at the very wonderful apple core shaped tiles I found! {For you non quilters, this is an antique apple core quilt that you can admire or buy on eBay.} The carpenter from the kitchen place is none too happy about installing them, but I am thrilled to bits.


6 thoughts on “Apple Core Kitchen!

  1. OMG, what a huge undertaking! I become paralyzed when faced with these kinds of decisions and end up just staying with the outdated stuff I have! I like your “think as a quilter” approach, though!


    • It was much harder than I thought and it was all cause of the cherry cabinets! I would have liked the kitchen to be white and grey and/or black, but those colors aren’t great with the wood… And I really didn’t want it to be too beige. Luckily Peter listens ot me natter on about color all the time, so he was very patient. I’m looking forward to re-doing our bathroom (next year?) as it has white cabinets!


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