A Kitchen for a Quilter*

Last post, I shared one side of the unfinished kitchen. Now I can share the almost completely finished kitchen and complain a bit more about the old one.

What really drove us mad about cooking side of the kitchen was the glass cooker top! Hate, hate, hated it! Discovering that we could get a gas line installed to the house started this whole project. Once Peter got the permits done, we bought a new gas cook top, and a new wall microwave/convection oven and oven. As you can see, the old appliances were black. Ugh. I’m not a clean freak, but I do like white or stainless in the kitchen. It looks sleek and clean. My other huge problem was the microwave oven and exhaust fan over the cooker top. The fan did little but wush the air somewhere and the oven was so low that I was nervous when I used the enormous canning pot. And the microwave was so old that it did not have a plate to rotate the food.

So pleased to see them gone! We do not have space for an exhaust fan to pull the air up, so we chose a downdraft unit to pull the air into the crawl space. There were some challenges getting it in, including making the drawers under the cooktop a lot shallower, but it is worth it. Gas is so wonderful to cook on and so hot – I had forgotten and nearly burned dinner the other night.

Another little detail that always aggravates me in a kitchen, is the lack of shelves. I know some people who own a handful of cookbooks but I am not one of them! I have cookbooks all over the house. (And check out this kitchen view with the dark brown glass tiles and the ugly off white Corian counters. Ugh!)

My idea was to build a bookcase at the end of the island. The kitchen designer suggested glueing one of the cabinet doors shut and inserting a black set of shelves that would coordinate with the black molding on the cabinets. Though we lost a lot more cabinet space, I am delighted with the new bookcase. (Which houses my most used cookbooks…)

And here is a “beauty shot” of the sink and the new glass inserts in what was the “black hole” cupboard. And how about my apple core backsplash? Is it not wonderful?

The whole project took three weeks. It seemed like forever but when we admire our sparkling update, we feel like we have a brand new kitchen.

10 thoughts on “A Kitchen for a Quilter*

  1. The changes look marvelous. The apple core backsplash is just perfect. I love my gas stove and would never think of changing it. Congratulations on the completed project.


    • Thanks Anita. I hope you’re feeling settled in your new place and resting. I sill have some things that I need to out away…. At some point when cleaning and reorganizing, I always lose interest!


  2. Yes, congratulations on having your kitchen back and better!!! Looks great. Nothing better than gas. And I hear you on the cookbooks. I have many (despite getting rid of so many before we moved). Though I do find that keeping stainless appliances clean is worse than back. 🙂 Enjoy!


    • Ahhhh…..I have a super cleaner! Peter is such a good dish washer and he always enjoyed taking our former gas cookertops apart to clean them. I dislike stainless refrigerators but ours is the original Sub Zero and has a wooden door.
      Funny about cookbooks. My mother was not much of a cook but she loved to read them! When she would visit us, I would leave a stack of cookbooks in her room.


  3. I cannot believe you got that all accomplished in three weeks! It makes such a difference! I agree wholeheartedly about a gas stove–I never want anything else. And, yes, your apple core backsplash is the kind of detail that makes the whole room!


    • I was surpised when I added the before and after pictures to see how quickly I had forgotten th old, dark tiles. The man did a nice job and is available for ” a side job” to re-do the ugly black fake marble tile around the fireplace. Theer are still a lot of things we’d like to do!


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