Orphan Block Quilt – – – Finally Finished

I certainly do not win awards for finishing projects in a timely fashion! After starting to quilt The Orphan Block Mash Up quilt, I quickly lost interest and it sat under my Sweet Sixteen machine for months. Languishing… it was started over a year ago. Fast forward to the present : I have a growing stack of quilt tops waiting to be quilted, so I have spent the last two weeks getting it done.

I am not thrilled with it. My quilting is not great so I will not be showing you a close-up. But as I have told students in the past, you can quilt samples or practise on “the real thing” and I chose to do the latter. Most people viewing the quilt in my hallway are not quilters, so they will not scrutinize my work. And if I can keep my tongue in my head and not say “Gee, the quilting is not very good”, I am sure they will admire it. (Sorry for the poor photo – I have no walls big enough to hang a quilt and get away from it to photograph, so it was on the floor and I was on a ladder!)

I must say that I am always amazed when I wash a quilt. It looks so much better and you really have to look closely to see the quilting at all; there’s just a nice texture.

Now that it is done, I can get on with the next project and learn some more.

6 thoughts on “Orphan Block Quilt – – – Finally Finished

  1. I think it’s great that you stepped up to the challenge and found a nice home for those poor orphans. For people who want symmetry, this won’t be their thing, but I like its quirkiness! Congrats on making it tomthe finish line!


  2. I wasn’t so sure about this quilt when I saw it last but now I love it! The black and white and bright all came together beautifully and I think your attitude about the quilting is completely sensible! I’ll look forward to seeing what project you turn to next!


    • Thank you Kerry. I’m pretty pleased with it, because I do love black and white with primaries. It’s always been an easy color choice for me. I read another quilter’s blog recently and she is doing mash up quilts as well. (It’s not my idea or original to me…) I did not like hers because the squares had no relation to each other or perhaps it was the background color that didn’t pull them together. Anyway, I certainly have more orphan block quilts in my future if I dig around more.


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