Hand Quilt-Along Progress….

…very little! Has it been three weeks already???

I started hand quilting this top some time ago and then I put it in my “quilt top” cupboard. Often I wrap the threads I am using in the unfinished project, but I did not this time, so I had to take some time to match the thread. I am stitching in the ditch around all the flying geese {sigh}. In the more open spaces, I marked a little leafy pattern, which I will have to inspect to reproduce it. As I complained mentioned in the previous post, the fabrics are all batiks, so the quilting will be slow.

Today is a full day of football, so I will really get started on the quilt. I get a lot of handwork done on Sundays and Monday night. It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

I am relieved to see that we all have had other things to do. ;-D  Please click on the links below to see what the other ladies have been up to!

Kathy, Bella, Lori, Margaret, Kerry, Emma, Tracy, Deb, Connie, Deborah,  Susan , Jessisca  and Sherry




13 thoughts on “Hand Quilt-Along Progress….

  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it being slow. Isn’t that why we do handwork, to relax from the hectic push of life? =) I love quilting and appliquéing batiks. I’ve heard other people who weren’t happy with them, but I think they are great, especially for applique, because they don’t shred like some other fabrics. When I quilt on them, I use a milliner’s needle. To be honest, I use a milliner’s needle for almost everything I do, because they are easier to thread. =) You can’t embroider a good bullion stitch if you don’t use them. The needle is straight instead of enlarging for the head of the needle. Try one, maybe you will like it better. About a 9, I think. They are fairly easy to find.


    • Thanks for your informative comment!!! There was a milliner in the town where I used to live and though I watched her work, I never thought to look at her needles. Mine are very tiny and I can barely thread the thread in the eye. I will look for the milliner’s needles though. I am always amazed at what a big difference the correct tool makes.


  2. How many zillions of flying geese are there??! Just thinking about ditch-stitching all of those makes me break out in hives! It’s a gorgeous quilt, well worth the work you’re putting in–it’ll be an heirloom!


    • ;-D I’m not a counter, but I might for you. I’m always interested in people who count. Years ago I worked in a needlework store and one of the ladies stitched all the samples. People would come in and ask how long something took and she’d say “90 hours”. She had to keep track because she was being paid but I’d always tell her to fib as the customer would run out the door!


      • Ha! My husband kept track of the hours he spent on a cross stitch Xmas stocking he made for me. Then he figured out how much it was “worth,” based on the hourly amount he was being paid as a business consultant! Let’s just say I couldn’t afford it, if it hadn’t been a gift . . .


  3. This already a gorgeous quilt! After it is quilted it will be stunning. I am a very slow stitcher – I very much enjoy the process (except when I have to pull things out), and I love that hand stitching forces me to slow down from normal daily life. Your quilt will get done in due time and I will enjoy watching your progress.


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