Happy Chinese New Year…of the Dog

woof! woof!

If you were born in 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1942, etc, this is your year.

Here is a darling foundation pieced dog to celebrate the season. He is a very old pattern, which I found and ripped out from the November 1995 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine! At the time, I really didn’t quite understand foundation piecing and I lived in Shanghai China so there was no one to ask. The pattern is by Helen Giddens.

I think he needs a bigger googly eye, but this was the only size I had for him. I don’t know if this pattern is copyrighted and I have not been able to find out about that. If you are interested in having a copy of him, let me know in the comments.

Go out and have a yummy Chinese dinner tonight, even if you aren’t a dog. ;-D





5 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year…of the Dog

    • I think weaving should be next on your list. You could use all your funky fibers easily. I belonged to a weaving guild long, long ago with my mother. There was a fabulous old lady (I hope to be her in a few years) who wove the most interesting things. She gave me the idea to weave window shades. I used all sorts of pretty colored cottons and wove thin dowels between them! In another I used newspapers. They were wonderful.


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