Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week – the show!

Wow! What a great time I had at the epicenter of rug hooking last week at Sauder Village. Classes, rugs, wool, fun people, rugs and more rugs….

The show was wonderful and full of all sorts of mini shows and exhibits. Let’s start with a rug I was DElighted to see in person – – – The Conspiracy by Marion Sachs. I’d seen it in print but nothing compares to viewing the real rug. The rug is adapted from a painting by David Galchutt. Do check out his website to see more incredible work.

The Royal Couple was designed by Pris Butler and masterfully hooked by Sibyl Osicka. I’m not sure which tickled me most – the authenticity and realistic hooking, or the fact that she hooked sheep faces!

And isn’t this rug charming? Gypsy Mice was also hooked by Sibyl Osicka and designed by Pris Butler from a painting by David Galchutt! He must be the new darling of the rug hookers and with good reason.

Alexander and Stuart was designed and hooked by Patricia Merikallio. I am really drawn to the colors and the wonderful paisley border. Patricia said in her description that she started with a painting from 1810, substituted her granddaughter’s face and added Stuart the cat.

Off the track of antique-looking rugs, here are two travel ones. I adore this one – the colors, the car, the maps! I’m sure many of us remember these days… (We had a station wagon and I as the littlest sat on “the hump”.) The rug is called Red Lodge and was designed and hooked by Anne Bond of Visions of Ewe.

The second travel rug is by Shawn Niemeyer who designed and hooked Life is a Beautiful Ride. The rug has such rich colors and the circles all along the border are a fun touch, and probably not very easy to finish!

I will end with this rug, terrifically different from the previous rugs. There were so many different sorts of designs to admire in the show.  Martha Rosenfeld created Cafe Shadows. It seems quite elegant to me.

Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite rugs. I’ll be back with more of my week in Ohio with the other hookers….


10 thoughts on “Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week – the show!

  1. Ooh, thanks for the rug porn, Deb. Hoping to make it there one year. Will make it to the ATHA Biennial next year; it’s in Denver. So, now to pack. When do you leave again?


    • Obviously I haven’t kept up with my ATHA magazines…. Denver! We should be able to go! Peter’s brother lives in Boulder and I keep saying we should visit him. He has grandkids in PA and will never come down here. I really enjoyed the Lancaster one years ago….


    • Thanks Kathy! It looks like you are a busy bee, as usual! I looked at my quilt when I was collecting rug hooking supplies and told her “Fall and cooler weather is coming!”. This rug hooking project is not something I can do in front of the T.V. Too much fussing with color.

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    • Hi Beth! It was a wonderful show and there was SO much to see. There was a large braiding exhibit that I didn’t even mention. Hooked rugs are so applealing. Isn’t your rug camp coming up soon?


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