Just a Few More Trip Pictures…

Hope you’re not too hungry as the next batch of pictures includes a lot of food. Though we always enjoyed the shore excursions, as Peter said “We’re always about 15 minutes short ” of the time needed to sit down and have a snack. We did have time one morning. Here you see a lovely German latte and a poppy seed bun. Poppy seed bakery goods are very popular and I want to research some recipes. It seems in the US that we just sprinkle them on things.

And the bakery window where we bought it…. Doesn’t everything look delicious?

Also on that street in Passau was a traditional clothing store. The windows were full of dirndls, lederhosen and everything you’d need to accessorize. Our guide in Vienna said that traditional dress was popular again and that she had several outfits that she wore to weddings and special occasions. Should you wish to drool some more, here is the store website.

And what’s a good German beer without a pretzel and amazing mustard? One of our favorite excursions was to Gut Aichet, a German farm, that the same family has owned for 500 years! The current owners have made it into an incredible enterprise – they board horses and have all sorts of fields and arenas for practise and competitions, they have a sawmill, a tile making business and they are a wedding venue. It was the most charming place imaginable. The pictures that I took don’t really show all the wonderful details. After the tour, we sat down in one of their venues where they opened a keg and we enjoyed the beer and music.

The big treat was when the owner of the farm came and danced for us. His daughter was our guide and said that her father loved dancing first and his sawmill second! Nothing like a man dressed in lederhosen dancing, huh?

Nuremberg, despite it’s World War II history, is a gorgeous city. Much of it was bombed, but everything has been re-built. I believe these roof lines are original. We kept wondering what sort of rooms were behind all those tiny dormers.

Here is a fantastic house sign, located in a square in Nuremberg. Or perhaps it indicated a business.

And more wrought iron signs….I am forever reeling down the street, looking up to see and photograph them.










And this last shot is of the incredible fence around the Beautiful Fountain (Schoner Brunnen) in Nuremberg! It was the end of a very memorable holiday.

And this concludes my trip pictures. Thanks so much for looking at them.  ;-D

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