Nick is Home for Christmas!

Nick has spent the last year at Island Quilters located on Hilton Head Island. He evidently traveled with Owner Beth to several quilt shows and talks, though he hasn’t said much about that. I must thank Beth for giving me the pattern and many of the supplies. Fusing is not my favorite thing to do, but he was fun to make.

After lots of measuring and engineering, Peter got Nick hung in the great room! It is so fun to come into the room and see his funny self. I’m not sure the reason, but this is the first time we have ever hung a quilt over the fireplace. Next year I have several quilts that can rotate in this area.

Let the celebrations begin!

10 thoughts on “Nick is Home for Christmas!

    • Thank you Louann! Have you done fabric collage? It is fun to do.
      The next house project, I hope, is replacing the fake black marble around the opening of the fireplace. It’s really ugly and I don’t know why they chose it. I’m looking at some striped or herringbone tiles….so fun!


    • I have quilts hung in various places around the house but this is the first time over the fireplace. I tend to make bed quilts and lap quilts but they are wonderful on the wall. It’s a nice fireplace and the quilt gives it a “wow” when you walk in the room. Now I need to invite some people over to admire him!


    • I think we will! I was doing some talks at the quilt store and one woman was curious about quilt collages. I said I’d done Nick and she said “is E that deranged looking Santa?”. I would have said quirky…..He makes me smile.


    • Thank you! I came up with the candle idea when I was getting the IL house ready for sale. I wanted to do soemthing nice and elegant for the mantle, but not too personal. I came across some glass candlesticks in a closet and then I started collecting them. It’s fun! I change the candle colors a few times a year. Easy peasy and cheap too!


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