My Wonderful New/Old Floor Loom

Recently, I have spent a lot of time on eBay and Craigslist searching for looms. I had several items I was hoping to find and one day an exciting listing on Craigslist appeared – someone was selling several Schacht Spindle looms. When I replied, I was very surprised (and delighted) to see that the asking prices were low. I told the man I’d like the Baby Wolf loom, but the last hurricane prevented me from getting to Black Mountain NC in time and he sold it to someone closer. I was disappointed but decided that the standard 36″ loom would do nicely. He felt badly for selling the previous one and lowered the asking price…yow! Peter and I got in the truck the next day and headed north. It was a beautiful Fall day and the drive there is a scenic one. After an inspection, we thought the loom was in A1 shape and handed over a big wad of cash. Happily the seller was not a widower (as I had assumed) but a young man who worked for the local home for at risk kids. The looms had been donated and they decided that they did not want to fiddle with them. The happy part in this was that he was able to help Peter hoist the loom in the truck bed. ;-D

Peter got her secured and after stopping in town for some of the best soup I’ve ever had, we took a wind-y, circuitous drive home.

Happily – again! – our young neighbor across the street was blowing leaves when we got home. He helped Peter get the loom up a long, straight set of stairs.

My intention is to sell my amazing, huge Macomber loom next year, but much to my surprise, they fit very cozily together! It will be fun to be able to use both of them for a bit.

Here is the first hand towel being woven on Tiny!

Do let me kno – does anyone need a wonderful wide loom???

14 thoughts on “My Wonderful New/Old Floor Loom

  1. Oh, what fun! Is there anything better than bringing home a new loom? I was just on Craigslist and there are two big Glimakra countermarch looms for sale near here. Eek! But I really, really don’t think I have the room. Your towels look gorgeous!


    • Glimakra huh? I found counterbalance so confusing that I could never get one. It’s like PC v Mac! I am a bit annoyed with myself. I had a Schacht Spindle 40” loom and I sold it before this move. I was going to sell the Macomber but Peter persuaded me to keep it…..bad move. This little guy is perfect. Now if I can sell the big one….Ha! Do you want it? 52” and 12 harnesses?


      • Sorry–I already have 12 shaft and a Macomber, though they’re not the same loom! You’ll find someone who wants it–it’s a bonus that Macomber is still in business so the new owner can get any help they need.


  2. My heart skipped a beat as I have always wanted to step into this craft. I passed on the opportunity recently and could kick myself now. Hands clapping for you and excited to see some projects. Your hand towel is looking awesome!


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