Goodbye & Hello!

Hello Loyal Followers! {955 of you???}

I am writing this to let you know that I will no longer be writing blog posts on A Daily Dose of Fiber. Although I love the name and it’s been fun, my blog will now be hosted on my website. I pay GoDaddy for my website and email names and it seems silly to pay WordPress as well.

This site will be up and available until next Spring, when my contract with WordPress expires and then some lucky person can grab this great name. And do let me say that WordPress is great! I’ve never had the issues that many other bloggers on other hosting services have had.

Hope you will continue to follow me on:

Thanks so very much!

Deb Moyes

FYI – it seems that many people are having trouble signing up to receive notices of my blog posts on Twistedstars. I am still learning about the new site and will try to improve it. Scroll down the web page to the blog. There is one post there – press on continue reading. When you get to that page, the right hand side has all the details that you will need to follow me. It does say SUBSCRIBE and not follow. I thank you all for your persistence and I’m so glad that you want to continue to hear form me. ;-D

4 thoughts on “Goodbye & Hello!

    • Yes! Hey will you let me know when you go to twistedstars, if you have trouble signing up for the blog? It seems obvious to me but several people have had difficulties. I don’t want to lose people over this. GoDaddy is not as flexible as WordPress.


    • Hi Sharon! You are not the first person to have problems. Did you hit continue reading on the blog post about the Houston show? If so, on that second page on the right is says subscribe and has a space for your email. GoDaddy is not very flexible and I’m having to use templates. Let me know and thanks!


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