What’s Up?

When I am feeling stressed, I have trouble concentrating. Normally I am full of ideas for projects that I want to try, but not in times like these. I need something soothing, dull, repetitive. Something I can work on, using my ear buds, listening to music that I can hum to.

When I lived in Japan, my mother became ill and a two week Home Leave turned into two months. Peter went back to work in Tokyo, and I stayed in Mom’s apartment (with my sister (ugh)). Luckily I had brought hand stitching with me; I was working on a quilt sampler for a class that I planned to teach. Every day I would go to the hospital for “my scheduled time” with Mom (my sister’s rules) and bring my sewing. I’d spread out all the pretty fabrics on her bedside table and she would twirl them around and pick out combinations for me to sew. I will never know why I cut out so many hexies before I left Tokyo, but what was going to be one square of nine hexies turned out to be the whole border of my quilt. I always think of her when I hang this one.

At the moment, I feel lethargic and frazzled and defiantly not creative! I am continuing to work on the EPP projects that I showed you in the previous post. One of the whirligigs is done and I have started another. You can see that I am auditioning a background fabric. It has been surprisingly difficult. I am planning to “quilt-as-you-go” on each square, which means that I will need lattice fabrics in between the squares. I like this hash tag fabric, but I’ll have to see if I have enough.

I have started some weaving projects. Like everyone else, I am cleaning closets and re-organizing and I came across my big bag of sock loopers. I have been carrying them from house to house for years and have decided to make a bunch more rugs and then get rid of them! I think I have found a place to donate the loom to, so this may be my last project on my big Macomber.

Dyeing anything always perks me up, so I plan to schedule a dyeing day soon.

I’ve also been “creating” a sourdough starter, which takes a bit of commitment to do. It seemed ready so I made waffles yesterday. Oh yum! This week I need to having a bread making day, though not on the same day as dyeing!

What have you all been up to?


11 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Oh my, if only I could be the recipient of that loom!! Sigh, I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Oh well, I still make rugs on my twining loom or crochet one now and then. Hmm, it might be time to dust off my loom and make something too.

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    • The downside of receiving my loom is that you would have to bring a truck and 3 or 4 strong young people to get it down a long flight of stairs! The movers barely got it up…. I’m hoping a local craft school will take it after the dust settles. I’d really like to sell it but there are so few weavers nowadays.


  2. Between the virus and the kid’s hospitalization and this and that, I can’t concentrate either. The ribbon rug journal ensures that I create something every day, but it takes more time that I anticipated. During the day, I seem to careen from one thing to another, not getting anything big done. Not even reorganizing the cabinets. which I’ve been planning for ages. perfect time, right? I hope and pray that this will pass, my efficiency skills will come home.

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    • Careen from one thing to another….I like that! I should be getting so much done – it would be great when things get back to whatever the new normal is that I could say “Look at everything I finished!”, but not much is. Gardening seems to be the most immersive thing I am doing now. And we are going to every garden center in the area cause we don’t like to be told to stay home!

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    • I just checked that out! Good for you – it looks like it’s coming along nicely. I wish I could settle on something, but gardening seems to be the only thing I can lose myself in. We don’t talk current events after about mid-afternoon – the last time we got embroiled in that, I couldn’t sleep that night.

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  3. What a beautiful quilt filled with memories. It really is gorgeous. Stressful is the word for the month but staying calm and working on projects is the only way to get through, along with massive amounts of phone conversations with family. Bread machine has been busy and tending some gardening starts keeps the day going. Stay well and safe 🙂

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    • Hope you have enough bread supplies! I had quite a bit of flour but once I went through that, it took 6 stores to find some. And there’s no yeast, and because I am almost out, I ordered a pound from Amazon. Tomorrow I hope to start bread from the sourdough starter. Yes, and gardening….

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  4. I think everyone is feeling what you are. I dreamed of staying home, not working and quilting my days away but now that I’m on my 7th week (I’m in Ontario, Canada) of lockdown and many more to look forward to…ohhhh plus the bloody snow storm that is coming, which is NOT normal, I am totally bummed out!

    No energy, I look at my projects and just think…’meh’.

    This whole Covid nightmare has really shifted everyone’s perspective and I for one will appreciate my job a lot more when I go back!

    Stay safe and healthy!

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    • Thanks for your comment! I have been wondering about that…I haven’t worked for years and since my husband has retired, I guess I am as well. Having all the time in the world can be a funny thing. You get up and think “what?”. I know there will be people who will have stacks of projects that they finished during this time, but not me! I do a little of this and a little of that!
      South Carolina is loosening up day by day and it seems we were not as restricted as other states. My husband and I have been out and about as much as we can…feeling annoyed and cooped up. This whole situation has raised so many questions about life, liberty, health issues. It makes me so unhappy.
      I just read about the storms…good grief! It looks like we may have a freeze at night and I am wondering whether to plant my tomatoes and flower starts or wait one more week….
      Take care!

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