Weaving ’till the Bitter End!

If you’re a weaver, you probably know that this isn’t an ideal end to a weaving project! I have been avoiding finishing up my looper rug project because I knew I was running out of warp. Silly, right? Like the warp fairy would come in the middle of the night and add 12″…. In all the years that I have been using the loopers, I never remember to add enough “take up” for the warp. (That means that the loopers are fat and take up a lot of room and thus warp.) The result is that I have two 3′ x 5′ rugs and a square-ish one. I am hoping the square one will fit in front of the bathtub in the smallest bathroom where there is really not space for a regular sized rug.

These loopers are ancient. Here is the box that was shipped to me decades ago ( circa 1988). Notice all the moving stickers and marker notes on it and …

…it is now almost empty….

As you can see, these are not the pretty loopers that Harrisville Designs sells for their potholder looms, but uneven, unattractive cuts from tube socks. They were mostly cotton, so I dyed them. These rugs wear like iron and the knots I make to weave them feel very good on your feet when you come out of the shower.

I am not sure that tube socks are still made and in any case, I have woven enough of them! The big box is gone to make room for some other fiber-y stuff. These are the last looper rugs…


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