Shibori for Baby!

I am not a parent or a grandparent, but who doesn’t love tiny baby clothing? So – when a local crafts school asked for items to sell at their Holiday Craft Fair, I decided to play with shibori dyeing.

I haven’t dyed clothing and I discovered that the results are quite different using knit fabric, rather than a tightly woven quilting fabric. There was a lot more bleeding than I am used to and I had to tie the dental floss or cord very tightly!

Ice dyeing is unpredictable, but such a great fun. As the ice melted, this one looked like grape jelly.

In my dyeing bucket is a big container of washers, which make the most wonderful circles. As you can see on the left, I have to use a deep container to keep the fabric submerged.

Binding marbles with rubber bands is another way to get circles. On the left hand side you can see that I used a red dye but after rinsing and washing, the color faded to a coral. Red is a tough color to achieve.

I didn’t have any dye plan but when I was looking at all the clothing, I realized that I had made an outfit! The snap tee was dyed using marbles and the onesie is ice dyed. I am not quite sure how I got that ferocious gold; yellow dyes are usually so finicky.

What parent or grandparent wouldn’t want one of a kind hand dyed clothing for their little one? At least that is what I am hoping!

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