The Dogwood Quilt!!!

One of my favorite quilt makers is Melinda Bula. Last year Melinda was so generous and recorded a series of classes on how to make her quilts. Her dogwood design is a beauty and one of the simpler ones*. It was fun and a challenge for me because I did not buy a fabric pack from her. The most difficult part was finding so many different whites, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

The next issue was the machine quilting. Melinda does it in a painterly sort of way, layering many threads on top of each other. I had endless problems trying to do this and finally made an appointment with my machine dealer for a private help session. It turned out that something was bent in the bobbin holder!!! $^%$*%$%^ Makes me wonder how long I have been struggling to quilt with faulty parts. Then she worked with me to improve my technique. One of the biggest takeaways was the thread. I like to use variegated thread and I like to use cotton, neither of which she uses unless her clients demand it. I am now using prewound bobbins {goodbye tension issues} and Glide polyester thread and I have had no problems since.

I am so pleased to display this quilt in the great room! Next on my very long tops-to-be-quilted-list is the zinnia that I made in her class many, many years ago.

Happy Spring Everyone!

*Oh – in case you’d like to try your hand at making one of her designs, go to the website listed above for her videos and find her patterns and fabrics on her Etsy store.

5 thoughts on “The Dogwood Quilt!!!

  1. Debbie, Your dogwood quilt is beautiful! I know how complicated her quilts are, as far as color selection, so good for you using your own fabrics. It is good to know you are comfortable using polyester thread. I have never used it but think I should give it a try.


    • I’ve had so many quilters say that they love polyester, including Philippa Naylor who uses it in piecing. I’ve clung to the idea that I make cotton quilts and should use cotton thread, but this poly has been a dream! Machine quilting is fun for me now! (It’s very shiny and it ravels and shreds though…)


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