What’s In Bloom Wednesday 9/21/16



Sedum are such interesting plants! For the longest time they are green and then buds appear and finally they bloom. The bugs love them! The first day they were open, the flowers were covered with honey bees. I was so glad to see them. The next day they were covered with these orange and white bugs. I have no idea what they are, but I like their mosaic pattern. This morning when I went by, the plants were covered in tiny butterflies that zoom around fighting with each other and then feed a bit and then fight. There must be some sort of reservation system going on with the sedum and the bug families…

What’s In Bloom Wednesday 7/27/16

Every year I like to try new varieties of flower seeds and I have had some successes this season. If you like to grow flowers, then check these out.

Zinnias are my favorites and I grow as many as I can find space for! For picking, I like the Park’s Picks Mix, but they grow very tall and fall over when it rains or there is a wind. They looked a bit untidy last year in the gardens at the front of the house, so I did a little research to find something better behaved. Magellan Persian Carpet Mix sounded like a winner and it is! The plants are low-growing (about 12″) but have large blossoms. The seeds seemed a bit more difficult to start than zinnias usually are, but don’t they look great now?

Magellan Persian Mix

Another new zinnia for me is the Giant Cactus Mix. This golden one is a knockout!

Giant Cactus Mix

Usually I like the bright, bright colors, but check out these subtle cactus zinnia colors. They are so pretty in arrangements and look like a quilt in the making….

Apricot cactus zinnia

Peach cactus zinnia









Sunflowers are something that’s fun in the garden, but for a variety of reasons, I’ve had trouble getting them started in South Carolina. Then I remembered one I used to grow long ago, Teddy Bear Sunflowers. They started blooming about a week ago on sturdy, 36″ plants. The flowers can be cut, but almost as soon as they bloom for they go to seed quickly. Their upright form makes them a great addition to the flower border.

Teddy Bear Sunflowers

I am growing carnations from seeds and it’s slow going! I planted them in early May and as of today, I have about a dozen plants that are about 5″ high. Last week I staked them up as they all had single stems that were flopping over. They looked like they were forming buds and I was wondering whether to pinch them, as I do with young zinnia plants. The decision was taken away from me by a rabbit, I presume. Luckily s/he only ate the tops off. I love carnations and am hoping to get bunches of them sometime…. (They should be perennials here – at least I hope so!)

And now I just have to share some produce pictures. The big tomatoes are finally ripening… The unattractive one on the right seems to be a local favorite, Cherokee Purple. It is a very meaty, mellow tasting variety.

Late July produce

And look at this cantaloupe! She weighs over 6 pounds and her sister was over 5. We’re eating cantaloupe with every meal.


What’s looking good in your gardens now?

What’s in Bloom Wednesday

Morning Glory Vine

Morning Glory Vine

I took several pictures from several angles of this amazing Morning Glory Vine to try to give you an idea of the size of it. Amazing?!?! Why would I say that? Because this is one plant from one seed! Every morning it blooms like crazy and then the flowers wilt in the hot, hot sun about 10 AM. Then it grows and grows and gets ready to bloom the next day. It is starting to grow across the top of the porch now.

Purple Morning Glories

I love the purple striped blossoms in all their variety…