My Wonderful New/Old Floor Loom

Recently, I have spent a lot of time on eBay and Craigslist searching for looms. I had several items I was hoping to find and one day an exciting listing on Craigslist appeared – someone was selling several Schacht Spindle looms. When I replied, I was very surprised (and delighted) to see that the asking prices were low. I told the man I’d like the Baby Wolf loom, but the last hurricane prevented me from getting to Black Mountain NC in time and he sold it to someone closer. I was disappointed but decided that the standard 36″ loom would do nicely. He felt badly for selling the previous one and lowered the asking price…yow! Peter and I got in the truck the next day and headed north. It was a beautiful Fall day and the drive there is a scenic one. After an inspection, we thought the loom was in A1 shape and handed over a big wad of cash. Happily the seller was not a widower (as I had assumed) but a young man who worked for the local home for at risk kids. The looms had been donated and they decided that they did not want to fiddle with them. The happy part in this was that he was able to help Peter hoist the loom in the truck bed. ;-D

Peter got her secured and after stopping in town for some of the best soup I’ve ever had, we took a wind-y, circuitous drive home.

Happily – again! – our young neighbor across the street was blowing leaves when we got home. He helped Peter get the loom up a long, straight set of stairs.

My intention is to sell my amazing, huge Macomber loom next year, but much to my surprise, they fit very cozily together! It will be fun to be able to use both of them for a bit.

Here is the first hand towel being woven on Tiny!

Do let me kno – does anyone need a wonderful wide loom???

A Studio Tour

Some of you have asked about my studio. It’s always the last area I work on; my first focus is getting the house livable for us and Peter settled in his home office. But here are some updates on my favorite spot!

Our last two homes had immense basements and so my studios had a ridiculous amount of space. This house has a very large crawl space which is not “climate controlled”, so although we can store things there, it isn’t useable for any of my things. There is a tiny attic which probably is 150 degrees in the Summer heat. So we are back to using bedrooms for my studio and Peter’s office. The studio is in what Realtors love to call “the bonus room”; a name which annoys me no end. I always have to ask “does that mean we aren’t going to pay for it?”. It’s a silly name. But it’s a large space with full-sized ceilings. Because the second story of our house has dormers, two of the bedrooms have crazy walls and ceilings. The bonus room has proper ceilings and so my many sets of shelves fit in here well.

Here is a funny space in the studio. It’s hard to photograph as it is too bright in the morning (faces East) and too dark in the afternoon. It is like a little stage, with three stairs going up to it. It seemed the perfect spot for my office area.

Empty stage

But – I measured and my desk set didn’t fit. I have a corner piece and then a long piece and I kept measuring and it was so close. Finally one day we just hauled the pieces up the stairs and amazingly they fit, although about an inch of one leg is over the edge… I’m sure it will be fine. Hooray! With the shutters open, this is my view! Isn’t it lovely?

Office view

I do think these shutters are coming off. They don’t open well and you can see that they take up valuable desk space.  And it’s desk space that I am going to have to save for special visitors to supervise and nap!

Gizmo sleeping

Here is the main area after the move. Scary, isn’t it? You can see that there is one huge closet under the roof (with two doors) that is going to be very wonderful with a lot of space that I can use.

Studio after the move

I am making progress, though perhaps it’s not obvious! Almost all my Ikea shelves have found a spot, which is a relief. I am one of those people who need to see their supplies. If a fabric or yarn is in a box, I may as well throw it away. In this picture you can see the little “stage” where my office area is. Also, if you look carefully at the “sewing area” you will see that there is another closet behind it. I want Peter to take down the door because it takes up too much space. Then I will back up the sewing table a bit more.

Studio a

Here’s another view, standing in the office area. The blank wall between the two closet doors is going to be the design wall. I’m not sure where the standing Elfa baskets will go. They are on wheels, so perhaps they will just move around. I am very pleased that the floor is wooden, so my chair and the sewing table and the baskets can be easily pushed. And – pins won’t get imbedded in a carpet and stab bare feet!

More studio

Years and years ago, I had a bedroom studio with two looms and a desk squeezed into it and – we had to take off the door and the moldings to get the big loom in. I sewed at the diningroom table and had to clean up for dinner. Fine for a beginning quilter but not now. In this house, the Macomber has her own room! It’s a funny, window-less space but the loom fits – barely……otherwise she would have had to be in the livingroom.

Loom room

Now I have to bear down and get things unpacked and then arranged. I am so anxious to really begin to work again. It’s been forever…..